Roy’s Roadss

The road-network from William Roy’s Military Survey of Scotland. 1747

Aaron Arrowsmith (1750–1823) 

Aaron Arrowsmith was an English cartographer, engraver and publisher. In 1790 he made himself famous by his large chart of the world on Mercator projection. Four years later he published another large map of the world on the globular projection, with a companion volume of explanation. The maps of North America (1796) and Scotland (1807) are the most celebrated of his many later productions. It was this latter which led him to uncover the Military Survey, interview its participants and publish the details. He became Hydrographer to the Prince of Wales in 1810 and subsequently to the King in 1820.  One of his sons became  the compiler of the Eton Comparative Atlas as well as various manuals of geography.

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